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Welcome to The Music of Mike Goodwin


This is the official page for my music. If you’ve found yourself here via the myriad of digital music platforms, thanks for dropping by. I hope to keep you all updated with new music as it’s released, tour dates and general info. If you would like to be updated join our mailing list.


Putting my own music “out there” has been a long time in the making. It’s a journey I perhaps should have begun years ago. Life however had other plans for me. For twenty years I’ve been playing gigs in various cabaret outfits. I’ve played with some amazing musicians and had a lot of fun, but in the background there has always been a yearning to play my own songs. 


A few years ago I finally started recording. I decided to record with people I hadn’t played with before. I guess I wanted to roll the dice in a way and see what happened. A year later and I have had some amazing talent play and sing on these tracks. Under the guidance of the GURU master producer, Noah Shilkin, the tracks have come alive. He has captured an essence that yearns for a bygone era, when music had dynamic range, drama and style. I thank him for taking me on and seeing the same picture I was seeing. If anything, I’ve learnt to mind what I say and choose my words carefully, because if I can imagine it, he can make it happen.


In a way, I have only taken my first steps, but they feel so right. I hope you will join me for the journey ahead. Let’s make some music.


Mike Goodwin

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